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  • 2003 Static Load Test Demonstration: Demonstration to prove the capacity of driven piles for Lake Austin Residences to local engineers. The testing results converted the initial designed ultimate capacity for a 6 inch schedule 40 pipe pile from 30,000 pounds to over 120,000 pounds. The increased design driven pile capacity saved the project $80,000.
  • 2007 Dynamic Pile Test Demonstration: Demonstration conducted by GRL Engineers for the first, high-strain dynamic pile test in Central Texas for a crowd of local engineers. The dynamic pile test results reflected the static load test results in 2003 and confirmed design loads for residential deep foundation projects.
  • 2009 Expansive Clay Dynamic Pile Test Demonstration (Manor, TX): Demonstration conducted by Frank Rausche, Ph.D., P.E. of GRL Engineers to test the soil setup in driven piles. Results confirmed a 100% increase in ultimate pile capacity over a 6 day period.
  • 2009 Pile Type Seminar – Half day seminar to expose local engineers to applications and design methods of various driven pile types including steel piles, timber piles, precast concrete piles, and steel sheet piles.
  • 2010 Dr. George Goble Seminar – In cooperation with University of Texas Student Chapter of Geo-Institute, Dr. George Goble was invited to discuss driven pile design and installation practices to students and local engineers.
  • 2011 Zach Scott Dynamic Pile Test Demonstration: Demonstration conducted by Dr. George Goble at the Zach Scott Theatre for local engineers and students.
  • 2012 Heldenfels Enterprises Pile Restrike Demonstration: Demonstration in cooperation with Heldenfels Enterprises and GRL Engineers which restruck driven piles 13 months after initial driving to compare capacities of precast, prestressed concrete piles with steel pipe piles.